Massey Ferguson MF 165 farm tractor (SOLD)

Completely rebuilt engine, all new paint, lots of new parts.

  • Engine rebuild professionally
  • Machine shop serviced block and cylinders
  • New rings, bearings, seals, and all gaskets
  • New fuel and power steering filters
  • Engine oil filter upgrade to spin on type
  • New water pump, rad cap, hoses, clamps
  • New fan belt
  • New commercial HD battery
  • Injection pump serviced
  • Injectors serviced - all new nozzles
  • Generator replaced with Delco Alternator
  • All new wiring
  • Clutch serviced new release and pilot brgs
  • New lights and reflectors
  • New volt meter, circuit breaker, hobbs switch
  • New seat adjustable for operator weight
  • Primed with good industrial epoxy primer
  • Painted with good industrial enamel
  • All new decals
  • Tires all serviced at Kal Tire

This tractor sold at the BC Livestock Equipment Auction in Williams Lake for about $6500.00 in 2012.

MF 165 - approximately 1973. This tractor has a Perkins four cylinder diesel model A4 212. The manufacturer's specs say they are 63 hp as opposed to the normal 52 or 58 hp available in the MF 165. It has a 6 speed transmission plus Multi-power.

Below is a photo tour of the tractor being rebuilt. All photos enlarge if you click on them.

the start of the project - engine
just back from the machine shop

cleaning and cleaning and
cleaning - all ready for new rings

assembly time - crank and pistons in and oil pump attached

valves in and head ready

oil pan on and timing case in place

flywheel on, bolts torqued & locked

engine aligned and bolted in place

timing gears aligned and locked

head, injector pump, & injectors

fan, starter, crankshaft pulley

front axle and fuel tank in place

air cleaner, exhaust, & fuel filters

fenders & tin work off to clean tractor & prep for paint

fenders ready for sanding, primer, and paint

grill, headlights, etc, prepared for paint - black paint done

fenders & hood sanded for primer

note the tin is all in good shape

wheels sprayed with primer

fenders, front bumber & hood primed ready for top coat

everything was prepared right
& a good epoxy primer was used

the whole tractor was thoroughly cleaned, sanded, & primed

primed and ready for top coat

the original Flint Metallic Gray

top coat applied and ready to roll

masking grill for top silver coat

original Silver Mist colour

tractor masked against over spray

MF red top coat on fenders

hood and grill all ready

grill installed on tractor

hood in place around dash

hood on and bolted in place

grill, headlights, & bumper on

grill, headlights, & bumper on

fenders bolted in place

top coat is original MF Red

wheels painted inside & out

wheels back on tractor

wheels back on tractor

wheels back on tractor

brand new seat - adjustable

seat adjusts for operator weight

lights on and wired

reflectors and chrome on

new decals all around

pretty much ready to go

first time out of the shop

pretty as a picture

The engine was rebuilt in November - it was started and run for about 20 minutes at various speeds around the shop yard. The tractor was then parked, dismantled, and painted throughout the winter months and finally the wheels were painted and installed in March, 2012. Lights, decals, reflectors, new seat, etc, were all done in March. The paint job isn't perfect (it was painted in a dark shop in the winter) and the body has some blemishes (we didn't want to use a bumch of body filler). The brakes, 3 point hitch, PTO, transmission including the multi power, rear end, differential lock, etc, all work. At this point in time the new engine still only has about 20 minutes on it.

This tractor was sold at the BC Livestock Consignment
Equipment Sale in Williams Lake on May 5th, 2012

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