Massey Ferguson MF 65 farm tractor (our own tractor)

Completely rebuilt engine, all new paint, lots of new parts.

  • Engine rebuild
  • New liners, rings, pistons
  • New valve guides, engine seals, and all gaskets
  • New fuel and power steering filters
  • Engine oil filter upgrade to spin on type
  • New rad cap, hoses, clamps
  • New fan belt
  • New commercial HD battery
  • Injection pump serviced
  • Injectors serviced - all new nozzles
  • New exhaust manifold and muffler
  • Rebuilt aircleaner assembly
  • Generator serviced
  • All new wiring
  • Clutch serviced
  • New lights
  • New key switch
  • Some new guages
  • Rebuilt front axle center tube
  • Primed with good industrial epoxy primer
  • Painted with good industrial enamel
  • All new decals
  • Tires all serviced at Kal Tire

MF 65 - US made in 1960. This tractor has a Perkins four cylinder diesel model 4A-203. The manufacturer's specs say that the tested PTO hp is 51hp and the drawbar hp is 44hp. It has a 6 speed transmission. Brian, our vet, told me about the tractor which had been parked a couple of years ago. He sent me a couple of photos then helped me go get it ... a battery, booster cable, and it started :-). I drove it onto the trailer. When we got home I had to do some major repairs to one rear rim and buy one rear tire. We decided to try it on our haybine to see what we had ... I never stopped ... cut all out hay that year! She worked good but it was a sad old girl and smoked a lot so we decided to spend some time and money on it ....

Below is a photo tour of the tractor being rebuilt. All photos enlarge if you click on them.

Brian sent me this photo, are you kidding me!

A block holds the seat up and a bungie holds the hood down

First step to fix one rim so we can get a new tire on it

Done and ready for primer, paint and a new tire (ooch!)

The pressure washer got a work out but it's looking ok

The head off and again everything looks not too bad

Lots of parts lined up for cleaning and required work

Engine off and ready for cleaning and rebuilding

The crank looks good so in go the new seals

The liners coming out - always a tough job

New pistons, rings, pins, and rod nuts and bolts

Liners in, pistons etc in, cam looks good so time for the head

The cylinder head at the press getting all new valve seals

Assembled, painted and back on the tractor

Newly serviced injection pump and injectors all installed

Remounting the front axle support with power steering

The radiator all cleaned up, painted and ready to go

The front end painted and the radiator mounted

Axles painted and installed, hubs painted and ready

Fuel tank, generator, starter, wiring, etc all ready

The wheels all done and the grease removed from tires

Upper and lower dash panels painted and ready to go

Dash installed, some guages in and a new steering wheel

The original id tag with the serial number

Man ... those are big back wheels and tires!

Axle housing off ready for brakes and oil seals

Dismantling the rear wheels & power adjusters for painting

Parts lined up ready for a final sanding before paint

All the parts for the power adjusters cleaned and painted

Paint booth all set up and ready for serious painting

Not sure where the shrink wrap came from but it worked

The back end all painted and ready for reassembly!

Real wheel centers ... they don't look that big here

Reassembling the rear wheels and power adjusters

Back together ... at least in rolling order

Hood work - this hole is actually the air cleaner intake

All done and ready for paint and the chrome airplane

Hood side peices getting a final sanding

As are the fenders - the last pieces to prep

A new tool box - see the access hole in the left photo

The hinge pieces for the seat were all rebuilt

The final body parts all in the paint booth and primered

The last of the painting is done and the decals are on!

New head lights, grill, hood emblem, and airplane installed

Back to work 59 years after it came off the assembly line

Hopefully it's good for another 59 years!!



This project took place through the fall and winter of 2018 and the spring of 2019.
It was ready to go to work for the 2019 hay crop.

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